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 History Of Brookdale 

This is Brookdale golf course in manchester
This is Brookdale golf course in manchester
This is Brookdale golf course in manchester

The Early Years

Brookdale Golf Club was founded as Clayton Golf Club on the 8th July 1896. At that time the annual subscription was £1 1shilling  and the membership totalled 75. The Captain was H. Connolly and the professional was J. Nicholls. The course consisted of 9 holes and the first course record was set at 36 by F. Butel on the 8th September.

In September 1905 the club moved to Lord Lane, Failsworth and was renamed "Brookdale Golf Club"; Alderman Edgar Bowes driving in with a wooden shafted driver which is still on display in the clubhouse today.

Some early achievements included winning the Balfour Cup at Withington Golf Club in 1932 (S. T. Hildrup 79-9-70) and in 1934 at Prestbury Golf Club (G. H. Jackson 76-7-69).

The nine holes at Lord Lane developed into a very interesting course but in the late 1930s house building developments commenced nearby and although this held up during the war years 1939 to 1945 soon afterwards the need for homes for a growing population caused a gradual encroachment on the land surrounding the course. Land prices soared to such an extent that the Directors of the Club began to think about a move.

In 1959 Ashbridge Farm was put up for sale. Following an initial inspection of the 57 acre site by Mr Jack Holmes (Director) and Mr W G Chadwick the Honary Secretary, an offer was submitted and a £100 deposit paid.

A subsequent hastily convened Committee meeting found in favour of the move. A purchase price of £5700 for the 57 acre site and a further £800 for a half acre site was agreed and a further £1000 deposited. There followed an Extraordinary General Meeting at which members were informed of the opportunity, and by a majority vote the move to Woodhouses was confirmed.

By the spring of 1960 arrangements for the sale of the land at Lord Lane to an eager house builder were finalised. The Club realised a handsome  profit with a £36,000 payment for a 24 acre development site, with an option for the builder to purchase an aditional 12 acre site for sum of £18,000.

The purchase of the Woodhouses site was completed in April 1960.

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